Can customers purchase through SMOOTHER™ before arriving at a lot?

Yes. Anyone can purchase from their phone, either by text or with their browser. Purchasing by offsite customers has been a powerful source of new sales for SMOOTHER™ clients to date.

What forms of payment does SMOOTHER™ accept?

All major credit cards, ApplePay, and GooglePay.

How much does purchasing through SMOOTHER™ cost?

The customer sees a small charge before paying labeled "transaction fee" in addition to their item purchase. SMOOTHER™ keeps this fee, and then net revenue (after credit card processing fees) is paid by SMOOTHER™ to the client.

What kinds of transactions and services can be done on SMOOTHER™?

Currently, parking, merchandise and concessions. SMOOTHER™ takes client offerings, and client approved marketing materials such as photos and copy, and builds the client demo offline for client review and approval. Dynamic services that fit each venue's capacity are being added on an ongoing basis.

What infrastructure is required at a parking lot or venue?

SMOOTHER™ is built to work on cellular networks. While a Wi-Fi connection at a lot or venue can be helpful, it is not required.

Can SMOOTHER™ facilitate promotional offers?

Yes. SMOOTHER™ gives clients the ability to create various promotions including XX% off, $XX off, and free product offers.

How long does it take to create and deploy my brand on the SMOOTHER™ app?

Deployment timing depends on the complexity of the build and offerings that will appear on the app.

Can a lot or venue limit purchase on SMOOTHER™ by section?

Yes. Administrators have the ability to limit the purchase of specific products by section and spot. Timing limitations are available as well.

How many items can be listed on SMOOTHER™?

The app can handle several dozen items at a time. For optimal user experience, clients often select a handful of items to feature more prominently on the app.

Can SMOOTHER™ be used in conjunction with my lot's existing POS system?

Yes. SMOOTHER™ can be configured to interface with most major POS systems.

Is SMOOTHER™ built for both iPhone and Android OS?


Is information encrypted?

Yes. All communication from both web and mobile apps uses HTTPS, based on current best practices and industry-standards guaranteed by Let's Encrypt.

Is my data secure?

Yes. All databases are protected through continuous physical and logical backups. These backups are stored encrypted on and offsite to cater for both redundant and timely restore processes.

What does the technology stack look like?

The SMOOTHER™ platform is built as a multi-tenant service-oriented architecture with a proven foundation of Python, Django, Postgresql, Redis at its core. This allows us to scale with the flexibility to meet the business demands of both functionality and operations.

How does a client see their transactions?

Clients receive a proprietary, password-protected dashboard from SMOOTHER™ management to observe their sales and reports. Additionally, custom reporting is built client by client to assist clients in tracking “hot costs” and key data points.